Relationship Between Father And Son

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The relationship between a father and son take center stage in two unique poems that center on family situations. Each poem is a snapshot in time that exhibits striking similarities and vast differences in the interaction between father and son. For instance, “My Papa’s Waltz” from Theodore Roethke, clearly demonstrates a fun loving father that really enjoys his liquor. To his wife’s chagrin, he truly lives in the moment and loves to rough house with his young son.
“Those Winter Sundays’ from Robert Hayden, showcases a no nonsense, hard man that appears to be void of happiness or fun. He takes life very seriously and expects the same of his young son. There is no mention of a wife or mother in the poem which adds a seriousness tone and cold emotional void between them.
On the surface it appears that there is nothing in common between each poem until you look a bit deeper. The stories reflect a love between a father and his son through trying times in life and each father’s inability to show the emotion. The expression of love rings differently for each son, but the emotion is front and center throughout the story. While the fathers play the main characters in both poems, each take a very different approach with their child. The stories are told through the son’s point of view. In both poems the son’s actions and reactions are different on the surface, but showcase love at the core. “Sundays too my father got up early” (Hayden) shows how important it is for his…
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