Relationship Between Father And Son In The Road

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Changes in Relationship between Father and Son in “The Road”
The Road is he novel written by Cormac McCarthy. The author described post apocalyptic America; unnamed disaster turned the continent (and the whole world, as the reader can suggest) to ruins. Most people died, while small groups turned to barbarian communities or hermits, who did fear to practice cannibalism or have other cruel experience. This environment existed for years. Unnamed father and son tried to cross the continent to find better place and bring a “fire” to some final destination. McCarthy did not make any direct conclusions, but readers can suggest characters partially achieved their goal. Wihile the father died because of illness, wounds and poor conditions, the boy found other good people and potentially safe place to live. Final paragraphs of the novel show new “parents” support father’s attempt to save some parts of the old world in the boy’s memory. At least they did it in case of religious issue. The man told his son basic things about the God and religion, and his new family continued this education: “[the woman tried] talk to him sometimes about God”
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Their bond did not weaken through the story, but developed to a new form. At first the father patronized his child too much. For example, he tried to carry the boy even when he was tired. But at the end of the book the man started to try to impart an independency to the boy. He left him for several hours for the exploration of the boat. When the father was wounded by the arrow, his son partially took the main role in the couple as he needed to carry about the man. While the author did not write it directly, both characters started to understand there is something beyond their relations. The man found out the murder of own son was not the best way to save him; and the boy started to understand the life does not focus on remnants of his
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