Relationship Between Feedback Mechanisms And Homeostasis

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The purpose of this investigation is to find out how our bodies regulate our heart rate in order to maintain homeostasis with respect to temperature while jump roping at different times. The relationship between feedback mechanisms and homeostasis will be explored in this lab. The systems within our bodies are interrelated and work together through a series of feedback systems. Feedback systems oversee the internal environment within our bodies by sending information to make immediate changes in order to maintain homeostasis. Feedback systems work in a loop, “an imbalance causes a response to correct the imbalance, the resulting change is sensed by the body and that in turn causes another response” (Homeostatic Balance). As a result, adjustments within the body are constantly made in order to maintain homeostasis. Moreover, if any feedback mechanism does not function properly, our bodies would not be able to maintain homeostasis, resulting in illness or disease. Furthermore, there are two types of feedback systems, positive feedback and negative feedback. Positive feedback systems intensify or accelerate one action until there is an end product (Boundless). For example, in childbirth, the cervix keeps on dilating until the baby is born. By comparison, negative feedback loops work to maintain homeostasis. Homeostasis is the process of maintaining stability within your body. Our body needs to maintain a constant internal environment in order to function. Some of these
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