Relationship Between Friends With Benefits

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Friends with benefits relationships are relatively new, but an increasingly popular phenomenon in our society. Defining this type of relationship can be complicated as there is no unique definition. For the most part, friends with benefits relationships adds a sexual component into a pre-existing friendship. However, every person has their own views about how they would define this kind of engagement. Despite the absence of a clear definition, friends with benefits is a controversial issue that often sparks strong emotions. There are so many factors that can dictate how these relationships start and end. The label “friends with benefits” is a commonly used label by the younger generation and it has become popular among older folks nowadays. So, shouldn’t any friendship have its own benefits? However, the phrase is used in a different context, one more convenient and less conventional. Again, it’s when either two friends or acquaintances, and in some cases past lovers, agree to variations of an open relationship. Both people are not necessarily in a committed relationship but they may practice things a relationships consists of like having casual sex and going on dates. With this, it is less likely for emotional bonds to form that a more romantic and consistent relationship would induce. Adolescents who especially engage in this type of relationship find this to be a good opportunity for sexual experimentation. Friends with benefits allows those who are unsure of commitment
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