Relationship Between Friendship And Mutual Interests, Aids, And Benefits Essay

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Friendship is a special type of relationship and plays an important role in people’s daily life. Friendships satisfy people’s need to belong (Mattingly, Oswald, & Clark, 2011). The definitions of friendship vary in different situations. For example, in business, friends are trading partners; while in politics, friends are considered to be the supporters for certain politicians as well as political alliances (Hruschka, 2010, p.4). The friendship that I will discuss in this paper is more like companionship and is based on mutual interests, aids, and benefits. Friendships usually involve reciprocity altruism for closed friends. It is argued that friendships may have an evolutionary benefit to regulate kin-based altruism to people who are not our closely kin (Hruschka, 2010, p.6). People can get a lot of benefits from healthy friendships, such as experiencing increase in happiness and well-being. Interracial friendships provide additional benefits to people in a way that it reduce the intergroup bias as well as discrimination.
The belief of one sharing the same subjective experience as the other person plays a role in attraction, liking, and relationships (Pinel, Long, Landau, Alexander, & Pyszczynski, 2006). Taking my friendship with Beth as an example, the first time we met in school cafeteria, we perceived that each other would love to talk and that was how we started our first conversation. As our friendship proceeds, I gradually get the feeling that Beth is a part

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