Relationship Between Globalization And Economic Development

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“Globalization, Financial Development, and Economic Development” The title of this article is “Globalization, Financial Development, and Economic Development” and the authors are named Altug and Gorkemli Kazar. The publisher of this article is named “EconJournals” and the article was published in 2016. The authors are “investigating the relationship between financial development, globalization and economic growth for the case of the countries classified according to income levels over the period 1980-2010,” (Kazar). The social theory that is being investigated is how societies change and develop. Economic growth and financial development would change the way societies develop and prosper. The authors use three graphs as reference from ETH Zurich and one from The World Bank. The graphs from ETH Zurich show that “the income level increases between the years 1980 and 2010 because of economic globalization, social globalization, and political globalization,” (Kazar). The graph from the World Bank shows that “the income level increases between the same years because of domestic credit,” (Kazar). These graph gives visual aspects that help the reader understand what they are trying to convey. The specific issues being studied are all linked to economic growth and financial development. The authors use a certain method to help them in their research. “After considering the panel characteristics of the dataset, long-run relationships among financial development, economic growth and
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