Relationship Between Gmos And The Autism

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Introduction Following numerous research evidence of a connection between the genetically modified organism foods and numerous neurological health conditions, research was conducted to determine the relationship between GMOs and the autism. Theoretical associations and risks used to exist before they prompted the researchers to find empirical research of the association. For example, Smith quotes Arden Anderson, MD, Ph.D., MPH, stating that it appears there is a direct correlation between GMOs and autism. Physician Jennifer Armstrong is also quoted admitting that like 20 years ago she did not even know what the word autism meant because it was rare. This was before the GMOs foods could become popular. However, following the…show more content…
Literature Review The concerns regarding the health risks of the genetically engineered food came to light in the early 1990s. At this point, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was tasked with advising the public and the public regarding the health risks of GMO foods. However, the White House was bent on promoting the GMO foods and thus staged a conspiracy for FDA to falsify the information and claim that GMO was similar to conventional foods pertaining the health standards (Smith, 2007). This was contrary to the suggestions by many FDA scientists that GMO foods could be having serious health risks that could not be easily detected and thus called for further research in future. Afterward, the biotech companies were found guilty of hiding very vital information regarding the health impact of GMO foods. The health concerns were based on the fact that GMO foods had traces of bacteria and viruses forced into their DNA something that has never been in the human food supply (Swanson, 2014). The research that followed should that GMOs poses huge risks to the health of the consumers including allergies, toxins, nutritional problems, and new diseases. Some of the health conditions correlated with the GMOs is the autism. In 2011, research was concluded in Germany where animals like pigs, cows, and rats were fed with genetically modified feed. The physiological, neurological, and

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