Relationship Between God And Adam

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The bible remains a mystery to many people in society today. Therefore, the relationship between God and Adam can be said to be a very complex relationship. Genesis shows us many examples of God 's interaction with Adam, apparently there is so much more about God’s disappointment and righteous anger in the garden. The world of Christianity fails to see there’s so much more to the story about God and Adam, I think many of us do the same. He was the first man, the father of mankind, however, Genesis does not fill-in the missing background information as to the reasons why man and woman came to be the first rational, mortal creations of God 's divinity. Moreover, most believers in the Bible do not know the specific similarities and differences regarding the two humans ' characteristics, and how their relationship impact each other as well as all other living creatures in the garden. We see the wrath, but we miss the grace. The bible does not tell if Adam was Baptized and upon his death he went to heaven, however many of religious leaders tried to read and to the relationship between god and Adam, without facts to back it up. Non statement should not be used to formulate doctrine. A conclusion cannot be drawn from something that God did not say. If Adam had been faithful, God may have had any number of plans for Adam, none of which are touched upon in Genesis. If all other aspects of earthly creation tend to decay and death it makes as much sense to conclude that human 's
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