Relationship Between Group Counseling And Individual Counseling Sessions

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Abstract The reader will journey through the countless difficulties that may arise throughout a group counseling session. During a session counselor must continue to respect the ideals that need. In addition this paper will explore how the leader should behave in handling groups in different stages from the initial stage when first molding the group together, to middle stage (working) of a group. The leader/ counselor should hold an ethic code through this time keeping confidentiality as one of the most vital within a group. Later the reader will observe how the leader would handle conflict within a group should it arise furthermore confidentiality. In conclusion one will understand several reasons why counselors will choose to go with group counseling rather than individual counseling sessions.

Groups have an impact on the lives of others daily. Through groups and or the building of groups one may have the opportunity to build relationships, increase in personal growth, and allow one another to get on an interpersonal level. When having the support of not only yourselves but also a group, it allows others to face change more effectively and explore those challenges with an assembly of people rather than being alone. When studying group counseling, a therapy approach that is believed to be the most effective when amongst one another, there are rules behind these meetings that hold the leaders and counselors responsible. This term is to be called ethics. To one
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