Relationship Between Health Care And Justice

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Perhaps it was my parents’ socialist upbringing in Yugoslavia or my mother’s struggles with her autoimmune disorders that helped foster my interest in health inequities. Although I now find the relationship between health care and justice fascinating, my initial academic encounters with health care were not anchored in sociological, political, or legal frameworks.

Drawn to human physiology and anatomy, I excelled in the biological sciences throughout secondary school. I enrolled in university intent on majoring in molecular biology and becoming a clinician-scientist. As fate would have it, I was immersed in an education that emphasized the strengths of both the arts and the sciences; I learned how to balance my coursework in genetics and microbiology with literature and social anthropology. My interest in biology did not wane during this adjustment period, but I found the classes across a wide array of disciplines like women’s studies and modern history equally as inspiring. My essentialist understanding of disease etiology became complicated; I had spent so long looking through the narrow lens of the microscope that I neglected macroscopic influences on health care.

The content of my papers varied from topics such as Hirschprung’s Disease and the Red Queen Hypothesis to the discrimination of Roma women in Eastern European medical institutions and the problematic sociocultural norms associated with cosmetic surgery. Upon reflection, I realized that I could combine my
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