Relationship Between Hindu Gods And Goddesses

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Hindu Gods and Goddesses
Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It has a complicated system of many gods. These gods can take many forms including animals and people. Hinduism, being a debatable polytheistic religion, has many gods who create legends that can help explain relationships between god and people while elaborating on hindu beliefs.
Hinduism is commonly viewed as a polytheistic religion. It's many gods make up a variety of interesting stories and myths. However, many of these gods are simply reincarnations of other gods. A god may reincarnate to perform a certain task. They can reincarnate in human and animal and other God like forms (Vishnu, BBC). It is the belief of some that really all the gods are just a part
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Shiva is considered the destroyer of god or the god of that is intended to end of the universe. This may have a negative connotation however, "in Hinduism the universe is thought to regenerate in cycles every 2,160,000,000 years, Shiva destroys the universe at the end of each cycle which allows for a new creation"(Mark Cartwright). Shiva is not destroying the universe but really opening up the opportunity for new creation. The story of how Shiva and Parvati end up getting married provides insight into the relationships between gods and other gods. When Parvati's mother did not approve of Parvati marriage to Shiva. To show this disapproval she held a sacrifice and invite all gods, except for Shiva. To retaliate Shiva created two demons to kill Parvati's mother. In the end the other gods were able to rationalize with Shiva, allowing him to bring back Parvati's mother from the dead. In their next incarnation Shiva and Parvati got married (Mark Cartwright). This story shows how god can make flaws and how they can act irrationally. However it also shows how gods can come together and reason with those who are out of control. Shiva shows us a more emotional side of god's bettering our understanding of inter-god
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