Relationship Between Hr Practices And Employee Performance

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PROPOSED RESEARCH TITLE: I am proposing a dissertation that investigates the current HR practices being implemented in the organization to facilitate and retain its employees to attain maximum satisfaction and desired outcome. ABSTRACT: There are numerous researches that established the relationship between HR practices and employee performance and job satisfaction but most of them mainly focused on developed countries. Little evidence is available about the impact of HR practices on employee’s job satisfaction from developing countries like Pakistan. This study examines the impact of three HR practices i.e. compensation, promotion and performance evaluation on employee’s job satisfaction.HR policies and procedures shall be revised and…show more content…
A high quality academic staff is the cornerstone of successful educational system. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to job satisfaction of the employees. A positive and healthy organizational structure results into increased job satisfaction. A positively balanced environment will not only increase the job satisfaction of employees but it will at the same time improve the learning environment and increase the productivity of the institution. There are numerous publications existing on the topic of job satisfaction and this grows daily. Locke (1976) estimated that, about 3,350 articles and dissertations had been written on this topic. Cranny et al. (1992) indicated that more than 5,000 studies on job satisfaction have been published. According to Oshagbemi (1996), “if a count of relevant publications (articles and dissertations) were made, estimate would probably be doubled by Locke’s”. As a result of many decades of effort by researchers and HR practitioner, there appears to be a high level of agreement among scholars on the meaning of the job satisfaction. Typically job satisfaction is conceptualized as a general attitude toward on object, the job (Okpara, 2006). Locke (1976) defined job satisfaction as “a pleasurable or positive emotional state, resulting from the appraisal of one’s job experiences.”Evans (1997) defined job satisfaction as
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