Relationship Between Infrastructure and Security at Miller Inc.

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Infrastructure and security Relationship between infrastructure and security Miller Inc. which is in the business of providing data collection and analytics services relies majorly on network security to keep its competitive advantage. This is because the customers that rely on the company's system trust that since there are sufficient security measures that have been ensured, they can store their data securely. Each of the functional models of the system should have sufficient security measures to ensure that complete security of the whole system architecture is achieved. The three functional modules are the backend module, services or operation module and customer access module. The major relationship between infrastructure and security comes in the role they play to ensure that the end user gets the data that they need when they need it and in the best way possible. Therefore for the three modules, there is a need to balance security with the right infrastructure. Security of Miller Inc.'s infrastructure Miller Inc. operates a wide array of functions, information systems and physical assets in its cloud architecture. These integrate with the critical cloud infrastructure to deliver the services to consumers. Therefore network security and information security are considerations of extreme importance as the organization is designing and deploying its network. Therefore before the network architecture is implemented, there is a need to look at the different security
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