Relationship Between Language And Culture

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Ana Marin

Professor Ellie Hamrick

ANT 211 B301

October 16, 2015

Q: What is the relationship between language and culture? Of the theories of language and culture we have encountered, which do you find most compelling and why? Explain how they see the relationship between language and culture. How they approach is different or similar to your own.

“Language is the road map of culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going” – Rita Mae Brown.

Our world is getting even more connected to societies from all over the world, bringing many aspects of their culture. When crossing cultural boundaries, it introduces a different way of thinking and looking at the world. To understand these cultural influences, language has become the single most important tool. Language is a major component and influence of culture. Every language has its own rich knowledge base, which references to knowing a lifestyle, history, traditions, etc. Evidently, the relationship between Language and culture influence each other very strongly and to understand this I will be mentioning three different theories that were mention in class which are the Sapir- Whorf hypothesis, E.B Tylor in cultural evolutionism, and Franz Boas theory on the approach of linguistic and culture study. In addition, I would also be mentioning the encounter, translation and method from the article “Shakespeare in the Bush” by Bohannan, Laura and the episode of Star Trek “Darmok”.

Culture refers to…
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