Relationship Between Law And Religion

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There are complex, unsolidified relationship between law and religion. The issues to be examined are conflicts concerning the free exercise of religion in the criminal justice system. Hence, in the case of Pastor Sarah, it has become quickly apparent for her how interconnected the church and legal system intersect. Pastor Sarah once a criminal lawyer is now a pastor, and has come across issues that she thought she would not have to encounter in her profession as minister. She states, “In the midst of this extended crisis and pain, she never, ever thought she would have to face these issues again of unjust distribution of punishments of the criminal justice system.” The heinous act of murder landed in the center of her church community.…show more content…
This course of action would benefit from having a licensed pastoral care counseling to direct ecumenical dialogue. Finally, I would suggest that Pastor Sarah, the church and the community leaders organize peace assemblies that will protest against the death penalty. Scripture tell us in Proverbs 31:9 that we must, “Speak out in order to judge with righteousness and to defend the needy and the poor.” And in this case, righteous justice shall prevail for all parties involved, the victimizers and the victims. Pastor Sarah should draw her inspiration for social justice from the teachings of her spiritual theology by striving to implement values of love and compassion so the church and the community can establish a peaceful co-existence. Applying God’s Law, within a faith community, I do believe would settle the tension. Snippets of the verbiage for the media coverage, should include Pastor Sarah personal conviction of standing firm against her belief on the death penalty. In addition, it would also be most appropriate to use her denominational stance on the punishment of death. For instance, the United Methodist Church “unambiguously takes a stand to oppose capital punishment and urge its elimination from all criminal codes. The United Methodist Church believe the death penalty denies the power of Christ to redeem, restore and transform all human beings” (Book of Discipline 2012). Thus, the church is
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