Relationship Between Leadership And Employee Job Satisfaction Essay

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Restaurant industries have lost nearly $6 billion over the last 4 years because of the high turnover rate of employees (Self & Dewald, 2011). Managers and owners must use the necessary tools to retain higher quality employees and to increase the level of job satisfactions across the industry. The insufficient data that describes the relationships between the leadership, gender, diversity, education, and job satisfaction for the restaurant professionals is an issue. This study helps to understand the relationship between the leadership and employee job satisfaction in the Lubbock, TX area. A total of 100 restaurant professionals from the Lubbock Restaurant Association were surveyed using a Job Satisfaction Survey and a Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire. Education, gender, and transformational leadership accounted for 33% of the variation in job satisfaction. Significant predictors of job satisfaction were transformational leadership and gender; however, the educational factor was not a significant predictor of employee job satisfaction. In order to create opportunities and increase job satisfaction for future restaurant professionals, the results of this study can help leaders and owners to lean more towards the use of transformational leadership. This kind of leadership can lead to better productivity in the restaurant business with a positive contribution for repeat customers and higher quality employees.
The transformational leadership variable was independent and the
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