Relationship Between Leadership And Motivational Theories Essay

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rom many years researchers across the world are working hard to determine the relationship between leadership and motivational theories. Motivational concepts are important in order to understand leadership processes. It can be observed that most of these theories concentrate, primarily, on the significance of the behavior of a leader but in the process they either ignore or unconsciously sideline the impact of motivation. It is not possible to measure motivation directly; it has to be derived from the reports or results of the performance outcomes.

The difficulty in making these inferences is due in part to the complex and dynamic nature of the subject and in part to the presence of multiple causative factors. One has to first understand and define the concept of motivation - the concept of motivation in itself lacks a crystalline definition and the same can vary from one person to another. According to many theories motivation can be defined as 'an attempt to get someone moving '. (Porter, Bigley & Steers, 2003)

It is important for an organization to attract people who work efficiently to achieve their personal goals all the while fulfilling the goals of the organization. From the organization 's point of view motivation can be defined as 'increasing interest of the employees in their attendance, efforts and productivity '. Having said this, it is overwhelmingly complex to measure impact of leadership on the motivation of an employee it leads.

Generally, the outcome
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