Relationship Between Love And Friendship Essay

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When discussing love, people generally think about the love between a husband and wife, or the love between a couple in a romantic partnership, and that is one type of love that I will be discussing. In addition to romantic love, there are other types of love also. There is the love we have for our children, our families, and also the love that we have for our friends. All of these types of love share some of the same attributes, however, they have differences also. In reading and researching different types of love, I have found that romantic love and friendship seem to be the most similar in nature, although they have differences, they share a lot of the same attributes. I found that friendship and romantic love tend to have more similarities than differences. In this paper I will examine romantic love and friendship. I will discuss the definitions of the two, and what elements each of these have. I will discuss the different theories of love, and I will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between romantic love and friendship. By friendship, I mean true friendship, or close friendships. I believe that true friendship is very different from causal friendships. True friendships involve a level of emotional intimacy that you do not find with causal friendships or acquaintances. If you look in the dictionary, it will define friendship as the relationship between friends, or the state of being friends ( I do not find that the
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