Relationship Between Man And God

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Erica Ecklar
Mandy Withrow
English 2423
23 September 2014

The Relationship between Man and God
A covenant is an agreed upon relationship between two or more partners. Within the scripture of the Hebrew Bible, the covenant between God and man changes into a far more formal relationship than it begins in the story of “Genesis”. In the beginning, the relationship between God and man could be categorized as convenient. While, opposition to that, the relationship between God and the people of the Pharaoh’s, would be categorized of widely dispersed. Oftentimes, it is contemplated why the relationship between God and every human has been minimized. Some might argue that it was the widespread dispersion of morality in every human. Others might
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One of the most important turning points in the relationship between Man and God came when Man became, in a sense, self-aware. Once Man was corrupted by the fruit of the Tree of Wisdom, God would turn from praising the man to cursing him:
“Cursed be you of all the cattle and all beasts of the field. On your belly shall you go and dust shall you eat all the days of your life. Emmity will I set between you and the woman, between your seed and hers. He will boot your head and you will bite his heel.” (Norton Anthology World Literature)
In the one fell decision, Adam went from God’s nurtured son, to one who know of evil, and if he wanted, could become evil, himself. The decision was one that would change the intimacy of God’s relationship to man forever, and would be clearly seen in the book of Exodus.
The book of “Exodus” is a book full of treachery and death. Rather than speaking to every man and having a true one-on-one relationship with every man, God speaks to Moses in this story. The new ruler in Egypt feels endangered by the descendents of Jacob’s. He fears they can take his place if they wanted. So, he puts a law over the Nile River area decreeing that if any Hebrew boy is born, he must be killed upon birth. Most of the Hebrew women go against this law, and one woman, the mother of Moses, hides her child in a basket in the river. He was eventually found by the Pharaoh’s daughter, who raises him. Once he is older, he kills an
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