Relationship Between Man And God

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Erica Ecklar
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23 September 2014

The Relationship between Man and God
A covenant is an agreed upon relationship between two or more partners. Within the scripture of the Hebrew Bible, the covenant between God and man changes into a far more formal relationship than it begins in the story of “Genesis”. In the beginning, the relationship between God and man could be categorized as convenient. While, opposition to that, the relationship between God and the people of the Pharaoh’s, would be categorized of widely dispersed. Oftentimes, it is contemplated why the relationship between God and every human has been minimized. Some might argue that it was the widespread dispersion of morality in every human. Others might argue that God speaks to all; it is just a question of who is actually listening. The long anticipated answer to that question just might lie in the pages of the Pentateuch.
In the book of “Genesis”, God creates the heavens and worlds. He lets light shine and waters rise. However, perhaps the most symbolic act of God is that he creates Man in His “own image”. To quote the scripture from the Norton Anthology World Literature textbook, “And God created the human in his image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.” The question posed would be, “Why would God do that?” The use of Occam’s razor shall be used to answer this: God felt paternally towards the humans. He was the creator of the entire human race, and for…
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