Relationship Between Marketing And Consumer Marketing

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Introduction “customers want more from companies than just products, they want an experience” (Fitzgerald,20015). relationship marketing maximizes value and drives profits. Customer relationship marketing is viewing the customer as the most important aspect of the company. In order to successfully keep a good relationship with existing customers, the company must try different techniques to keep the customer loyal. The essence of relationship marketing is a personal or emotional connection to a brand. This connection is centered on trust that is created through the consistent delivery of a product or service that meets or exceeds customer expectations (Ruiz,2012). Thesis statement. “Relationship marketing is broadly defined as all…show more content…
Customers tend to prefer a specific sales representative when purchasing products from a company. Having a preference in the sales person has its benefits but it also has its cons for example, if a sales person decides to leave or is fired the company has to establish a new relationship with the customer since that employee is no longer with the company. A proof good salespeople loyalty is if a customer is comfortable with the company more purchases will be made and sale will increase. Employees must be trained in order to build these types of customer relationships. Customer loyalty and the ability to retain customers are, therefore, highly dependent on the customer 's actual satisfaction; undoubtedly, customer service is a key ingredient in relationship marketing and consequently, in customer retention (Sheth and Parvatiyar, 1995; Gummeson, 1997; Khalifa, Limayem, and Liu, 2002; Doyle, 2002). Strategic planning Customer service focuses on understanding specific problems, taking responsibility for solving those problems, and following up to make sure the customer is satisfied. Women are the decision makers in most homes. With that being said since “mom” makes all the decisions relationship marketing is targeted more towards them. When you’re in a store the employee is very likely to bond with the women first because once women are sold her husband will follow in
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