Relationship Between Marriage And Marriage

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Marriage, or what is also known as matrimony, is a process wherein a man and a woman get legally and religiously bound by a contract. In a much simpler sense, marriage is a process wherein a man and a woman unite, establishing obligations as well as rights between them, between their children and them, and between their in-laws and them (Cott, 2000). It is important to establish early at this point that the definition of marriage can vary both contextually and operationally across cultures. In some religiously conservative countries, for example, marriage is a form of union between a man and a woman, after which certain aspects of interpersonal relationships, such as a sexual relationship gets acknowledged. Also, in those conservative countries, marriage can be considered to be a prerequisite, a compulsory requirement, before the pursuance of any physical or sexual activity. Again, because the definition of marriage may greatly vary across cultures, this definition and perception of marriage may not be applicable to countries that are not that religiously conservative (Koppelman, 2006). A case in point would be the current generation of people living in the United States. Marriage appears to be not a prerequisite before the pursuance of physical and or sexual activities between interpersonal relationships partners any longer. Reasons for marriage may also vary. Some of the most common reasons why people marry include but may not be limited to social, legal, libidinal,
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