Relationship Between Marriage Enrichment Programs

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Marriage enrichment programs were developed with the purpose of helping already married couples maintain a healthy relationship by participating in specific activities that are geared towards promoting marital relationships (Gladding, 2011). In reading through the enrichment programs discussed in Chapter 8, I can see where each one would be deeply beneficial for every couple. The program that I believe to be the most beneficial for any couple is PAIRS, Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills. The PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) program is based on developing a close relationship with your spouse by rediscovering the emotional bond and intimacy between you and your partner. I believe…show more content…
The PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) program is offered in different areas and offers a faith based rendition as well. It seems that many programs are offered in 4 week or 120 hours focusing on communication skills, conflict resolution and nurturing the bond between couples. In looking at the PAIRS website, it seems that the website promotes a couples retreat. The downfall or negative to that is that while I believe that every couple would benefit from a program like this, I do not believe that every couple can afford a retreat. I also think that if couples were not comfortable in group therapy, this would not work. Not everyone enjoys airing their dirty laundry in front of a group. PAIRS is set up more like a class and does not get involved in the personal issues between the couples, it merely woks on strengthening the relationship by encouraging couples to find their own solutions. If a marriage is in serious trouble and the couples need therapy in order to concentrate on their individual problems, PAIRS is not the enrichment program for them. I investigated the website further and will discuss what I have found from my point of view as a busy wife and mother. The retreat begins on Friday evening and asks the couple to arrive an hour prior to the start of the class. This is so the couple can gather their
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