Relationship Between Math And Music

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Have you ever wondered why music doesn’t get in the way when you do math homework? It’s because the harmonics in math and music go in a geometric pattern and so on, let me simple it down for you in this paper. In paper will discuss about the relationships between math and music, the reasons music is better when doing math, what type of music uses math, and what types of math has the most connection to music.

What kinds of relationships does math have to music? The relations between math and music are like altruism between animals. “The connection between mathematics and music is often touted in awed, mysterious tones, but it is grounded in hard-headed science. For example, mathematical principles underlie the organization of Western music into 12-note scales. And even a beginning piano student encounters geometry in the “circle of fifths” when learning the fundamentals of music theory.” In music there are different types of simple math where you have to add different combinations of notes to equal a 4/4 or else the beat of the music won’t be right. Even complex math is in music like, Geometry, Fibonacci, and Pythagoras where they further deepen the music. There are even jobs a person needs to learn math and music relationships like an Acoustic Engineer, a musician, or a DJ. “Chris can then build his set for the night. He knows that to keep
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