Relationship Between Media And Media

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In the first lecture on representation of crime and justice, the main forms and contents of media were discussed in relation to crime. The meaning of media, in a nutshell, is the tools and technologies of communication. However, media can also be identified as the institution of mass communication and the forms of “media,” newspaper, television and radio are the force that creates media content that is viewed and consumed by a large audience locally and globally. Media according to Marshall McLuhan is any technology that “creates extensions of the human body and senses.” The development of the three stages of media and communication including the written word, the printing press and the telegraph, revolutionized the ways people convey messages and ideas to the public. Particularly the printing press and the telegraph primarily focused on the reproduction and distribution of information for larger audiences and instantaneous exchange of information across a vast area.
Crime is a major source of media content compared to most other news given in a day.
Since most people do not experience the real-life crime events as they occur, and since many of the people are not familiar with the criminal justice system, the media takes the upper hand by filtering the content according to what the majority of the audience wants. Surette thinks that important events are being ignored by crime stories and discusses that fictional events have more priority than real incidents in the mass
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