Relationship Between Media And The Media

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When it comes to culture and society and its relations to the media, many theorists have come to develop an understanding of how it is that media has changed or is changing our understanding of modern society. The media is commonly known as the different modes of communication, which is the ability to communicate through a specific type of mode in which information has to pass from point A to B. An example of media taking effect is seen in the use of newspapers and how it is used as a medium to inform people of events happening around them. In addition, Marshal McLuhan and Raymond Williams, developed two different theories towards the development and effects of the media. McLuhan explains his theory through his book “The Medium is the Massage”, which explains how the media is the medium for everything we interact with. On the other hand, William rejects McLuhan’s idea through his article “The Technology and Society”. In his article, he states how McLuhan’s theory is in error because his theory gets rid of technology from society rather than explaining how they both interact with each other. However, both of their theories are very important when understanding how media has allowed humans to communicate, interact, and change the world we live in.
The way media has impacted the way we interact with each other and the way it shapes our understanding of where, how, when, and why we have come to be where we are, has changed over the years. McLuhan brings forth an interesting
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