Relationship Between Media Violence and the Effects on Children

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A plethora of research has examined the relationship between media violence and the effects on children. Media violence is ubiquitous and comes in many forms, television and film, computer and video games, internet, music and radio and newspapers and magazines. However, the media that dominates the studies are television, then computer/video games and to a lesser degree music. Three types of evidence support the hypothesis that exposure to media violence is harmful to children. First there is anecdotes and case studies, then correlational studies and third the results of numerous experiments (Bernstein et al. 2006). However there are the sceptics that suggest the evidence is not conclusive in anecdotes and case studies, while correlations…show more content…
Aggressive thoughts and hostile feelings can also be increased by listening to music whose lyrics describe or endorse violence (Anderson, Carnagey & Eubanks, 2003). The most aggressive participants in a study conducted by Konijn, Bijvank and Bushman (2007), were the participants that played violent games and wished they were like the character in the game. These participants noise blasted their opposition, even though they were aware that their actions might permanently deafen their opponents. The harmful effects are the individuals becoming aggressive as well as the secondary effects of the victim becoming hurt.

The relationship between violent television and aggression may be seen as multidirectional (Jordan 2004). Anderson and Dill (2000), along with Huesmann et al. (2003) suggest the consumption of violent videogames ‘prime’ children to be more aggressive. Long-term harm to repeated exposure to violent media could result in the development of aggressive related knowledge structures by over-learning and reinforcing the behaviour (Anderson & Dill 2000). The individual could become “more aggressive in outlook, perceptual biases, attitudes, beliefs, and behavior than they were before the repeated exposure or

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