Relationship Between Minister And His Religion

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There is one aspect that plays an important role in this story and that is the relationship between the minister and his religion, but how the influences of religion change the way of how The Minister’s Black Veil is narrated. In many scenes of the story some rituals and events that happened are related to the religion, such, as the wedding, preaching and the funeral. William Bysshe refers to these aspects saying that these two incidents, of the funeral service and the marriage extends the profanation of the divine office (388). The funeral prayer makes the congregation believe that the deceased has attained the comfort of Christ and this action terrifies the entire congregation. All the people became uncomfortable, with doubts and started believing that the darkness is with the minister. Then, the sacrament of marriage is dramatically corrupt for two symbolic actions, when the union of man and wife is complete and when they promise an entire new life; but the veil became a part of this event and dulled this joyful moment. The veil involves Mr. Hooper in to a state of horror because of the veil that he’s wearing and here is where the minister is momentarily distraught with wearing it. However, there is another issue that is related to the influence of the religion in the short story and that is that some writers and critics believe that the Mr. Hooper has turned into the antichrist. E. Earle Stibitz argues that the story is one of a man of God turned antichrist (183).
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