Relationship Between Mother And Daughter

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One December afternoon two years ago while I was on home on break, my mother made a request I longed to discuss for years. She had just poured herself a cup of coffee as I walked into the kitchen; outside, the snow fell in the crisp Kentucky air. Her blonde hair fell around her face, and her voice was quiet as she spoke. “Star and I had a fight this morning,” she said, using my sister’s first name. I looked at her and nodded as my heart withered

Even though a mother and daughter relationship is one that is cherished, many daughters can account, whether past or present, a time they resented their mother’s viewpoints. However, despite the conflict and emotions, a mother-daughter bond is one of the strongest bonds. A relationship between a mother and daughter is one that ties the two together through a shared investment in family that further improves their bond. Just like many girls at my age, I have had my spats and opposed views with my mother. Then again, I am human and I have my own opinions on what I see as best for me compared to my mother. This sounds like a typical eighteen year old girl’s opinion on parenting; that once the long-awaited birthday comes “you can do what you please”. That is where my sister comes into my response. At the age of 17 my sister Star left home on angry terms, moving from my mother’s home to Louisville without a glance back to live with her baby 's father. This act of rebellion, followed by years of little contact, was her way of
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