Relationship Between Nature And Nurture

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Nature and nurture plays a major role in the ways that children develop. This subject is an argumentative debate that had been around a long time. There are people who feel that nature (genetic) has more influence on how children development and there are some who feel that nurture (environment) has more influence on how children development. Like the psychologist John B. Watson believed that an individual’s abilities and personality were entirely a product of their environment. I will explain the relationship between nature and nurture. I will also explain how biological, environment, societal, and cultural influences on children development in relation to nature vs. nurture. I will discuss which factor is more influential than the other. Nature and nurture work together to influence children development because without either one, children would have some delay because children don’t develop their domains with just nature. Nurture help children develop their developmentally domains by helping children understand what is doing on around them. Dealing with children development nature means the influence of an individual’s genetic make-up on their development and learning. Nurture mean the impact on an individual’s family and up-bring. When children are born with genetic materials that they inherited for their parents and have be under the influence of physical social and emotional surroundings since conception. Therefore,” heredity and environment are both important factors to children development because a children’s genetic make-up determines its developmental potential, but reaching that potential is very much dependent on the environment in with children grow up in” (Nature vs. Nurture. Ch8 P.196). With biological nature influence children through our genes. Accordingly, to video Gene- Our Biological Blueprint stated that gene are DNA segments that when turned on, provide the code for assembling protein molecules, the building blocks of human development. Half of our genes are from our mother and the other half from our father. There are some development characteristics that only nature would influence and there are some development
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