Relationship Between Nature And Nurture

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In psychology and counseling, one of the foundational question concerns the relationship between nature and nurture: What are the defining factors in a person’s development? I believe the seemingly random course of circumstances that make up my life are a narrative woven together by God to reveal His grace and His glory, and that each stage of development was meticulously crafted to create who I am as a woman in Christ. Lifespan development evaluates the whole person and the interactive forces that act upon them and are acted upon by them (Wong, Hall, Justice, & Hernandez, 2015). Erikson’s theories provide a structure to examine the progressive psychosocial development stages of the individual throughout the lifespan.…show more content…
I am truly blessed to have been born into a loving, stable, and nurturing family. I can tell from pictures and home videos that my parents deeply cared for and nurtured the physical, psychological, and social needs of their daughter. From the moment, my parents found out they were pregnant, they made sure to do everything in the best interests of their new child. In this stage of development, I successfully developed basic trust as my parents proved to me the world could be trusted. Geva and Feldman (2008) prose a model of disruptions to the development of the brainstem and related neural pathways during late prenatal and early postnatal development affect long-term ability in emotional regulation. Lower brain functions that regulated autonomic physiological regulation are damaged, thus increasing the person’s automatic reaction to stressful events and lowering the ability to relax. The attachment theory states that emotional regulation is formed by the caregiver’s attention to an infant’s stressful events. Thus, disrupting the physical ability to be soothed is proposed to lead to an inhibition in emotional regulation in later life. Having a healthy infant attachment allowed me to discover and understand my own emotions, and encouraged exploration and discovery in the world and my role in it. Chapter Two: Toddlerhood The next stage in development is toddlerhood, occurring
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