Relationship Between Number Of Failures And Cheating

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3.1.7 How do you accede the Exam Center/class Despite Proctors’ Presence? In order to identify the way those shams under study accede to the exam center and to the classroom with their phone in spite of the proctors’ presence, our results revealed three means. The first one was for the cheater to hide his phone inside his/her clothes (47.4 %). As for the second choice, it consists in exposing the phone in his/her handbag (47.4 %). The last possibility consists in exposing the phone to the sight of every body and maybe with the hope that nobody would see it (Total 35 100,0 Source : Our investigations 3.1.8 Relationship between Number of Failures and cheating The graph bellow revealed that candidates who have failed at least twice…show more content…
The cellular, which is a mean of communication is their preferred instrument. Candidates generally hide it in their handbags and their clothes (including their pants). Finding the different exam subjects is the responsibility of abettors. However, some candidates picture the subjects before sending them to those whose role is to treat them before sending answer keys. The third and last point of the outcomes of this piece of work concerns the characteristic features of cheaters. Indeed, candidates who are at their third partaking in the baccalauréat (54.2 %) cheat more than any other candidate. Furthermore, the age of those who cheat more is between 20 and 25 years old, followed by candidates whose age is between 30 and 35. Moreover, they cheat more in literature than in science. 3.2 Discussion One distinctive feature of an article is its relatively short size. At this instant, the importance and the variety of our discoveries do not allow us to respect the concise feature of
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