Relationship Between Obedience And The Law And Gods Blessing

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Introduction Throughout our lives obedience to Gods will in all areas of our life can be a struggle. The people of ancient Israel stood as testament to this. However Gods promise to the Israelites is seen in this passage promising his blessings if they stood true to his law. This essay will explore the relationship between obedience to the law and Gods blessing using Jacqueline Grey’s Them, Us & Me principle of looking at the bible. Them The book of Deuteronomy was written while Israel was in a time of wandering the wilderness due to disobedience. The 40 years of wandering were almost up and God was re-affirming the covenant and giving them the law that covered all areas of their lives. Right near the end of this massive book of covenant law God promises in Deuteronomy 28 to bless the Israelites if they obeyed whole-heartedly. For ancient Israel, blessing flowed from obedience to God. The blessings are listed in the following verses after the excerpt and they cover all parts of their life. However the fickleness of human strength showed them getting complacent and laidback living in the blessing and disobeying the law. Through this they would spiral down into disobedience, worshipping other gods to try and make up for the lack of Gods blessing but only being cursed more. This would result in them eventually crying out to God and being obedient again. This was a cycle that plagued Israel however Deuteronomy beautifully closes the Pentateuch ‘…with its constant reminders

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