Relationship Between Online Shopping And Mall Shopping

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Online Shopping Vs. Mall shopping

Pia Alegra Helou 201603319
Presented to Mrs. Hanan Sbeiti

Abstract: the present study aims to examine the relationship between mall stores and online stores, based on the customers’ shopping experience and shopping motivation. To address its objectives, 20 surveys were completed on the Lebanese American University campus by students and staff members. In addition to the surveys, two qualitative interviews were used to gather information
Shopping, by definition, is the act of “purchasing goods and services from physical stores”. After the creation of online stores, shopping was not restricted anymore to physical shops. In fact, the internet is playing a major role in people’s lives and somehow trying to control it. Will online shopping compete with mall shopping or will it simply complement it? This question is subject to a variety of opinions. Some might think that online shopping is replacing store shopping and is going to eventually lead to a decrease in malls and stores while others believe that they simply complement one another, and this will lead to an increase in shopping. The following research is carried out to prove that no matter how much the internet has influence on people’s lives, it will never replace malls and traditional stores. This implies that online stores are there to support and complement mall stores. This research will help investors receive a better
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