Relationship Between Parents And Adolescents Essay

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10.5) Parenting styles not only affect the relationship between parents, and adolescents it can also affect their school environment as well. Parents with expectations tend to have children with relatively high grades, where as if they have either high or low expectations their child won’t care what’s grades he or she gets or if they do the work at all so their grades tend to be lower. If the parent has high expectations for their child it only makes sense that they’re involved in the child’s school and extracurricular activities. Don’t forget the genetic inheritance factor where they pass down good intellect to their children, if you add on the high expectations resulting in good school performance. The adolescence academic performance dose not effect this inheritance of intelligence. Along with having good grades authoritative parent’s children are self-reliant, responsible, and show perseverance. Authoritarian, permissive and neglectful parent’s children seem to preform worse in school than authoritative parent’s children do. The neglectful and permissive parent’s they aren’t involved in their child’s school so they don’t how their grades are or what they’re doing after school. Authoritarian parents don’t care why their child’s grades are bad they just want them to improve like yesterday. There has been issues concerning wither it is the authoritative parents who enhance their children, or if behaved children are easier to parent. Parents are showing less interest in
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