Relationship Between Parents And Children

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Harold J. Nicholson a former CIA agent who was arrested for spying for the Russian federation and had convinced his son Nathaniel to continue to give information to Russia while he was in jail. In January of 2009 his son confessed to the police of his acts and was given 5 year probation while his father was given an extra 8 years to his sentence. While this story is unusual it shows that family dysfunction is a key ingredient in the development of emotional deficits that turn into long-term social problems. Most experts feel that interactions between parents and children provide opportunities for children to acquire antisocial behavior problems. Reports show that kids with good lifestyles had warm relationships with their parents. Good parenting lowers the risk of delinquency even in high crime areas. The average American family is no longer what it once was which is effecting the up and coming youth. The average American family is quickly fading which is dangerous to children’s well being. Extended families were once common are now fading and in there place is the nuclear family. These families are what the book considers dangerous hothouses of emotions because of close contact between parents and kids. These types of families are showing many kinds of problems such as divorce. This leaves most parenting up to TV and daycare services. There are over 75 million children in America ages 0 to 17. 70 percent of these kids live with two parents, 26 with one parent, and 4
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