Relationship Between Patient And Physician

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Isabella Sklar
Capstone 1
First Draft

The relationship between patient and physician has been recognized for centuries as being vital for human sustenance. Just as any human relationship, it is constantly evolving to reflect the values of the time period. One example that can be noted is the shift of authority that has occurred within the past twenty or so years. Up until recently, physicians played a paternalistic role in the health of their patients. A patient would approach their physician, vulnerably seeking help for their current symptoms. The physician responds by silently deciding on the problem and appropriate course of treatment without the need to discuss alternate options with the patient prior to making his final decision on how to proceed. Oftentimes, carefully crafting his words to ensure the patient agrees to his decided course of treatment; all the while, maintaining a strong sense of authority over the patient. This dynamic has, however, changed within the past two decades. With the creation of the internet, patient access to medical knowledge has skyrocketed and in turn, patients have been increasingly challenging their traditional submissive role in the relationship. This new generation of patients is technologically-saavy and with access to health-related websites and smartphone applications such as Web-MD, comes prepared to each doctor’s appointment having done adequate research to develop their own opinions on their symptoms and treatment options,…
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