Relationship Between Perceived Stress And Psychical Activities Alongside Age And Gender

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The relationship between perceived stress and psychical activities alongside age and gender

The present study examined whether five factors (smoking, exercise, work, gender and age) were correlated with how stressed a person is. Hundred participants aged 18-49, mean age = 21.7. These participants completed a questionnaire of a total fifteen questions, on the five factors stated previously with an addition question on age and gender. A multiple linear regression analysis was conducted to find whether the five factors could predict stress. The A significant model emerged: F= 22.12, df= 5.94, p<0.001. Results show that smoking, exercise and work are positively correlated with stress and are significant predictors for stress whilst age and gender are negatively correlated with stress hence are not significant predictors for stress. It is concluded that these findings show the importance of exercise in life, as well as the harmful effects of smoking on health.

Perceived stress is the feeling or thought that one has about the amount of stress they are under. It is about uncontrollability and unpredictability of one’s life, dealing with irritating hassles, and one’s ability to deal with problems or difficulties. It does not look at stressful events that have happened to a person, but how someone feels about the stresses (Gellman and Turner, 2013).
Psychologists have been looking into various areas within health psychology and some are particularly
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