Relationship Between Peter Walters And Officer Tom Hansen

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The movie Crash was able to provide us with an inside look at how different cultural and racial dynamics play in our everyday interactions with the people around us. The movie follows along various characters and examines their relationships with the people they have immediate contact with them, the relationship with themselves, as well as the relationship they all seem to have with each other. This essay will be describing the character relationship between Peter Walters and Officer Tom Hansen. The relationship between both of them is not one that stands out throughout the film, but their individual character developments have various similarities that lead both of them to a situation that was not expected. Peter Waters, is Detective…show more content…
Knowing that the other passenger in the car was also black he knew that they were helpless in a situation like that because of the fact that they were black and both officers at the scene were white. It was moments like that that Officer Hansen was able to understand the power that he held as a straight white male in society, and it did not sit too well with him. Both Officer Hansen and Peter’s character relationships were very similar in seeing them both trying to fit into a societal mold that they have been placed in and not being entirely sure what to do with it and how to react. Similar to what McIntosh stated in her essay, Officer Hansen saw the power and privilege that he had. Not only was he white, but also as a male, he knew that there was a lot of entitlement that he had control of. “I have come to see white privilege as an invisible package of unearned assets that I can count on cashing in each day, but about which I was “meant” to remain oblivious”. (McIntosh) Similar to Officer Hansen, Peter also knew that he had been placed in a mold that may have made him feel like he had a character and/or persona to play. Murphy discusses the role of cultural performance and having certain expectations because you belong to a certain culture. It appears to me that Peter may have been acting and doing the things that he was doing because in a sense they were

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