Relationship Between Physicians And Patients

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Everywhere in this land, there are people who suffer from depression live around us and maybe they are so close to us as relatives and friends. People might be aware to recognize and help those people to be as a part of process of their medication. The most important point here is that the relationships between physicians and patients. A good communication between them means physicians can realize their patients, and also they can effectively diagnose their patients.
According to National Institute of Mental Health (2016), “depression is common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think, and handle daily activities.”
However, several patients do not seem suffer from depression and they hide that as stigma. I had experience with my professor who suffered from depression, but during my studies, I had not noticed any marker that she had depression. She had taught me for three semesters, so it is sufficient time to realize any sign on her behavior. December 2015, unfortunately, she committed suicide. As a result of that incident, I decided to conduct research for patients who have depression to see how physicians can help them and how effective communication has been able to diagnose patients. In addition, do symptoms decrease in patients by using good communication with physicians and how. What kind of skills can improve communication between physicians-patients? I am trying to explore ways to help those…
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