Relationship Between Players’ Salary and Racial Discrimination in Major League Baseball

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Racial discrimination in professional sports has always been an issue and committees in professional sports are trying their best to eliminate racial discrimination from both inside and outside of the field. Major League Baseball is one of the professional sports leagues that has a long history about racial discrimination. Relating with this, it is questionable that if racial discrimination affects on players’ salary in MLB. If so, how does racial discrimination affects on the salary and what are the other factors related with racial discrimination that can affect on salary? This question will be discussed and examined throughout the report. First of all, Major League Baseball is one of the big four leagues in the U.S. and this…show more content…
In case of consumer discrimination, there are studies that prove the existence of consumer discrimination. However, those studies also claim that it is very difficult to measure consumer discrimination. The following shows the list of authors who conducted research on racial discrimination in MLB. In 2002, Jewell, Brown and Miles measured discrimination in MLB with evidence based on the Baseball Hall of Fame. In this report, authors concluded that race does not seem to affect on players’ probability of being inducted. On the other hand, in 2013, Van Scyoc and Burnett researched on how racial discrimination affects in the baseball cards market. This study concluded that there was evidence in decreasing number of fans in 1981, while authors failed to find discrimination in year of 2008 data. This implies that racial discrimination from consumers is slightly removed compare to the past. Moreover, there is a study conducted by Tainsky and Winfree in 2010 which measures the effect of international players on attendance in MLB. This study was well conducted in terms of racial discrimination originated from customers, which was thought as hard to be measured. From this study, it was concluded that there is no confounding factor n the evolution of fan interest in foreign-born players (Tainsky

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