Relationship Between Politics And Politics

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In an ecosystem, the symbiotic nature of relationships between all living things and their environment is both beneficial and challenging. Elements within that system can never really exist in complete isolation from each other. Such is the case with the economy and politics. Economic and political policies affect each other through many factors creating both positive and negative effects and other challenges to neutrality. The result is a complex network of policies influencing the landscape of the global economy and politics.
Tejvan Pettinger (2017), a published economics professor in Britain, wrote in Economics Help,
Economics is concerned with studying and influencing the economy. Politics is the theory and practice of influencing people through the exercise of power. In practice, there is a strong relationship between economics and politics because the performance of the economy is one of the key political battlegrounds. Many economic issues are inherently political because they lend themselves to different opinions.
Understanding the relationship between economics and politics, I recognize pros and cons to their intertwined nature. My opinion is that both must learn to work well together toward beneficial policies and avoid subversive tendencies. I will highlight a few examples of relatable policy and define some of the challenges faced by economists and politicians today.
One advantage resulting from the current state of economic affairs is that a coordinated
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