Relationship Between Poverty And Crime Essay

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Introduction The relationship between poverty and crime will be examined in this literature review. The topic is interesting because there is a relationship between poverty and crime. Society uses a system that separates people by social class. Social class is determined by the total amount of income and wealth that a person has. According to Segal, Gerdes, and Steiner (2013), a person’s living expenses and needs are not met due to the lack of proper wages would be considered living in poverty; the year 2009 a total of 43.6 million persons were living in impoverished areas. In the United States 30% of the working class cannot support a family on the wages made (Ehrenreich 2016). People who are living in poverty are more prone to commit crimes and are more likely to be victims of criminal acts. The people living in that community are more subject to commit property and violent crimes (Kingtson and Webster 2015). Culture of poverty The environment a person develops in can help influence criminal behavior in early childhood. Children that are in areas of poverty are more likely to be influenced by the environment because of social interactions in the community (Kingston and Webster 2015). According to Tadros 2009, persons who live in poverty for long periods of time are more susceptible to commit crimes and become victims of criminal behavior. Poverty is concentrated more in large inner city urban areas. Criminal behaviors can be influenced because of different
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