Relationship Between Prior And Subsequent Learning Experiences

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Relationship to Prior and Subsequent Learning Experiences
Students were introduced to expository text in a previous lesson and understand how it differs from narrative text. I used their science textbook to introduce the structure of expository text. The students know that when they are reading expository text, they are reading for information. Since structural components vary based on the text, we will continue to explore the components (cause/effect, compare/contrast, sequence, description, and problem/solution) throughout the rest of the school year. When students possess the necessary skills to identify the main idea, it aids their reading comprehension.

Instructional Resources
(for Day 1 and Day 2) - Main Idea Video link from, brown lunch bags filled with picture cards, copies of the Thomas Edison passage
Day 1
Learning Goals:
I can identify the main idea of an expository text.
I can identify at least three supporting details that support the main idea in expository text.

Lesson Plan:
Students are seated at their desks in their assigned quads. I am standing at the front of the classroom near the whiteboard. I begin the lesson by sharing the learning goals. Then we review and discuss what we know about expository text and how it differs from narrative text.

I use a wait-time/think-time approach for students to raise hands to volunteer to respond. I am also keeping an eye out for the hands of ELL or quiet students who don’t normally respond. If
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