Relationship Between Professional And Personal Interests Essay

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A conflict of interest is a difficult situation where decisions on a problem are faced with the issues of choosing between professional and personal interests for a person. In this assignment, I am faced with having to decide on what I should do regarding my relationship with another company after just being hired on to a construction company. When asked certain questions, I had some difficulty in deciding because of the possible outcome and people that are involved in my decision. For each of my decisions it ultimately came down to what the Bible and the Engineering code of Ethics had to say about the matter though not everything discussed had a direct guideline to follow, that’s where my own decision making came into play. When asked, “Would it be ethical for you to attend the complimentary ACME Building Supply Company Seminar on Septic/Drainage Systems?” I had to look at all of the facts and necessary information to choose and validate my answer. All of those involved are myself, employer, ACME company, my own company, and later customers who I sell too. For me, it is ok/ ethical to attend the seminar. That is only if it is discussed and approved by my employer first; section 2.4.a adds to my reasoning that I should discuss it with my boss prior to going so that I am being honest and not going against company policy. I also understood that I am new to this field and need more information on the products and solutions to be used to do my well and be competent in it
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