Relationship Between Project Management And Overall Performance Of Company

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A company performs a lot of operations in a daily basis. These operations are categorized into different categories and departments. This is because all these operations cannot all be under one roof due to the complexity, skills and expertise needed in carrying out these operations. In these processes, high level of technology is employed, high quality instruments are used, and manly skills, experience are also utilized. This therefore calls for the need of good project management for the achievement of expected overall performance of a company. This paper focuses on the relationship between project management and the overall performance of company.
Man was made to be equal to one another since the old days. But what makes a certain man to be different to be different from the other man is the level of thinking between these individuals. The thinking of one can be quite different from the thinking of another man, but what each of them do with their thoughts and what they translate them to is what brings the difference, and in this context, it is the success of the two. If this is viewed from the point of a company, it is what is called the strategy of a company.
According to Meyer, (2010), strategy is the action that company can take to achieve its desired goals. When it comes to a company, thinking can be said to be either long-term or short-term. When translated into action, it is what is called operations or projects. However there are differences between operations and
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