Essay On Race, Class, And Gender Inequality

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The 21-st century is characterized by the continuous economic downfall. The relationship between race, class and gender should be evaluated to identify the life chances of people to improve their relative position in our socially stratified world. The increased rates of unemployment, homelessness and poverty show that our society requires implementing a transformative approach to reduce social stratification. The term social stratification is applied to identify and asses different forms of inequality that exist in the US society. Patricia H Collins suggests, “while a piece of the oppressor may be planted deep within each of us, we each have the choice of accepting that piece or challenging it as part of the 'true focus of revolutionary change'” (p. 680). Inequality has become a universal feature of our society; therefore, it exists everywhere and concerns race, class, and gender as the key categories of society. It becomes clear that race, class and gender have a strong impact on inequality in the US today. John Acker assumes that one of the areas affected by the mutual reproduction of class, gender, and racial relations of inequality is employment. Due to identification of barriers to creating equality in work organizations, it is possible to determine how the so-called “inequality regimes” can be eliminated. According to researcher, “inequality regimes are the interlocked practices and processes that result in continuing inequalities in all work organizations” (Acker,
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