Relationship Between Relationships And Relationships

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People interact constantly so human relationships are everywhere in life and in literature. Relationships are all around, even if it is not obvious. Relationships can range anywhere from friends to marriages. There are many different types of relationships, (comma or semicolon?) none of which are alike. Although, most people see relationships as good, some of them are bad and unhealthy. They can sometimes cause major problems that affect the people involved and others too. Relationships can also be between groups of people. Many stories have racism in them which is a perfect example of bad relationships with groups of people. Almost all good stories have relationships in them which shows that relationships are vital to American Literature. Having relationships is common and natural. People interact daily so the formation of new relationships is unavoidable(Welch). C. Welch created good questions concerning human nature and relationships like, “Should we conform or be original?” “What is the best way to live together?” and “How do we deal with death?” The questions about life can also be used in literature. There are many basic questions that could be ask to find out the main theme, why it is the theme, and what other less important themes are when dealing with relationships in stories(Welch). Relationships are important enough that some stories are based almost solely on relationships. Problems with relationships helped create the plot of the story in “The Crucible,” by
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