Relationship Between Religion And Language

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MOI UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGIOUS STUDIES NAME: MAMATI KING’ASIA REG NO: SASS/PGR/04/2014 COURSE TITLE: THEORIES OF RELIGION COURSE CODE: REL 803 PRESENTED TO: DR.HASSAN JUMA NDZOVU TOPIC: RELATIONSHIP BEWEEN LANGUAGE AND RELIGION DATE: 3RD JUNE 2015 The relationship between Religion and Language Religion and language are largely related to each other. Religion is acquired through the medium of language. However, both religion and language may be closely connected at a deep level and may be acquired in quite similar ways The religious instinct .The basis of religion is not belief but is narrative. Narrative is largely a matter of language: narratives are primarily expressed in words (also in pictures, but the pictures generally require verbal elaboration if they are to be understood). The deep structure of religion is found in Religion being universal in all human societies. This universality and similarity has been interpreted by many people as indicating the presence of a "religion instinct", an inbuilt tendency to religious belief and practice in all human beings. Some have even speculated that there are brain structures that give rise to this. Now, very similar arguments have been applied to language. Every human society we have encountered has possessed language, and Noam Chomsky has famously claimed that there are similarities in the structure of all languages that point to the existence of a
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