Relationship Between Religion And Religion

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The Relationship Between Religion and Science
Today, we are living in the time in which every aspect of life is influenced by some form of science. From the scientific revolution of the 17th century through present day, scientists have grown continuously. The impact of science is particularly powerful on traditional religious beliefs. Religion is the belief in the supernatural, the invisible, the sacred, the visually receptive, and the illogical. The belief is many fold, depending on the historical period, geography, culture, and dependent on the content of each religion. It is operated by many rituals depending on the different religious community. From the Latin religion meaning respect for the sacred, divine reverence or duty, the link between man and the divine, people would live and survive these ways with the beliefs of the supernatural powers in which would help people, sometimes synonymous with belief, often defined as spirituality to believe in the supernatural, the sacred or the divine, as well as the ethics, rituals, customs, and institutions associated with these beliefs. Basic notions of religion divide the world into two parts: divine and mundane. Tranquility is normal in human life, and the divine is supernatural. In the face of the divine, people use rituals to show respect and worship and that is the basis of religion. In the most general sense, there is a view that defines religion as the result of all the answers to explain the origin and
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