Relationship Between Religion And Tourism

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3. Relationship between religion and tourism Religion and tourism are closely related. Religious tourism is a kind of tourism that is mainly motivated by religious pilgrimage. Religious tourism refers to tourists to religious sites, religious sites, religious landscapes and other tourism activities for the purpose of tourism. Since ancient times, the three major religions in the world (Buddhism, Christianity and Islam) have a historical tradition of pilgrimage.

3.1 Classification of destination
For the destination of buddhism, it has different kinds of activities. Which include event, cultural, cuisine etc. Every year, it has a large number of tourists are often attracted to pilgrimage.

Tshechu - Bhutan
Tshechu are annual religious Bhutanese festivals held in each district or dzongkhag of Bhutan on the tenth day of a month of the lunar Tibetan calendar. The focal point of the tshechus are Cham dances. These costumed, masked dances typically are symbol of moral amulets in the past. Most tshechus also feature the
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The main custom is to worship ancestors as well as worship ghosts. In Hong Kong, it has an exhibition showcasing customs and traditions will be staged in Victoria Park. There will also be Chinese opera performances around town, usually held on bamboo stages, to praise the charitable and pious deeds of the deities. During the month, the Chiu Chow people occupying parks, piazzas, pitches and other sufficiently spacious places to offer sacrifices to their ancestors and the wandering ghosts, burning incense and joss paper, distributing free rice, and performing live Chinese operas and Chiu Chow-style dramas for ghosts in need of a bit of entertaining. The festival has been held for over 100 years and is officially listed as part of China’s intangible cultural heritage. Every year, many descendants and tourists will come back from the field to worship ancestors and participate in this
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